Artist's Friend-Paintbrush Roll-Up Apron; Denim Roll-Up Paintbrush Holder

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This fabulous 3-in-1 Artist's paintbrush holder doubles up as an apron. This nifty product is a must-have for any artist.

This product is perfect for artists that paint in nature or on location. Ideal for artists and students alike. Great for artists that need to travel around with their tools.

There are ten 2cm & 3cm slots for brushes, pallet knives, steel rulers etc. Each slot can house between 1-3 brushes, depending on size. The brush pouch is 15cm high, so it will keep bigger brushes safe, as well as the smaller ones.

The added bonus is that the paintbrushes fit nice and snug, so if you happen to drop your roll-up apron your brushes will stay put…yep… you won't need to crawl around the floor picking your brushes up. We’ve all been there!

There is also a 10cm slot that can accommodate a cellphone, keys, wallet, or whatever else you need to carry with you.

This Roll-Up Apron is made from high-grade Japanese Denim. The waist tie is made from a Petersham ribbon.
This 3-in-1 Artist's Paintbrush Holder is the best protection for your brushes.

We also love the bright orange tie, that wraps around the holder when it's rolled up! A great energy colour.

Size of Paintbrush Roll-Up Apron when fully open is:
38cm wide x 62cm long

Size of Paintbrush Roll-Up Apron when it gets turned into an apron:
38cm. wide x 37cm long

Size of Paintbrush Roll-Up Apron when rolled up:

34cm long x 10cm wide

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