• Gosia Miller

How to take care of your Glass Straw

If you think that having a Glass Straw is to risky, think again. We carry our iPhones or Android phones around where ever we go. Their main component is glass. Just like a phone, a glass straw is relatively durable. It will handle the small knocks and bumps in its stride, just don't drop it from heights on concrete or tiles. 

To ensure the longevity of your glass straw follow these basic rules:

Keep the Glass Sipper Straws in their boxes when not in use.

Pop them in their box and into a smaller compartment of your handbag.

When you are finished using them when you are out & about, simply rinse and dry them and pop them back into their box.

When you get home either clean them with the brush provided, or easier still, place them in the cutlery tray in the dishwasher. Just make sure that they have their own section.

If you store them at home, keep them in a glass jar or similar.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch away from plastic today!

 **A huge thank you to Melissa at Tintswalo for the gorgeous photo


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