Kids and the environment

The future belongs to our children. We have heard that so many times, but do we know what it means to us as parents?  For me it means conversations. Lots and lots of conversations about food, life, caring, environment...big picture conversations.

The most recent conversation we have been having is about the environment, and the effect one person has by making small choices. The small choice we have been focusing on was straw, naturally. Like all children, mine loved drinking from plastic straws, that is until I saw the turtle video . I urge you to watch the link, it will change your mind like no amount of preaching can.

I started Glass Sipper because of the video, if my kids wanted to use straws, then I needed a solution and quick.

The beauty of all our conversations is that they stick, and the girls are fully behind the marine conservation. They understand that this one, seemingly, small decision has a monumental impact on marine life. They are becoming eco - warriors and ensuring that the present is a great place to start in saving the future.