My 'Do good, feel good Business Idea' Starting Glass Sipper

The September printed issue of  woman&home magazine has a little article about me and how I started Glass Sipper 'Do good, feel good Business Ideas'.

I am so thrilled to be a part of the eco awareness movement.

This is the best part of working through the many, many nights with a vision and a passion for doing something for the greater good  .... getting noticed. Not only for the business side of things but also for being able to spread the eco worrior vision, and hopefully converting a few people along the way to do better.

Even if it’s a little bit at first. Maya Angelou’s line made even more famous by Oprah... ‘when you know better, do better.’

This is the nugget I carry with me most days. Before I started on this journey I was blissfully unaware.  We recycled and had a compost heap, and that was our  ‘good citizen deed’. Use as much plastic as needed as long as you put it in the right bin, you're good to go. 

That, unfortunately, was just not enough. The landfills are not getting smaller. The marine life are dying from plastic pollution in the ocean.

So with that in mind I make little decisions throughout the day that lessen my impact on both entities. I am not perfect, but from last year this time when I ‘finally opened my eyes and got to ‘know better’. And I strive everyday to do better. 

The spark was ignited by the turtle video, It didn't leave my mind for days on end. I knew that day that I will never use a plastic straw again...and having twin girls that totally loved straws, was not going to make me change my mind.

I looked for alternatives and the options available were very limited. I knew I had to do something about it. So with my very limited time that was available to me, between being a mother, wife and a full time employee, I started to do a little research...and the rest, like they say is history..