New range of Japanese Crossover Aprons

We are so excited to launch our new range of Japanese Crossover Aprons - GOSHii

They are super comfortable and easy to wear. There are no uncomfortable ties around the neck or waist. They also fit a wide range of body types, as they are a very loose fit. Inspired by traditional Japanese aprons, this cross-back style is easy to slip into and provides extra frontal coverage.

There is a split pocket for your phone on the one side and the tools of your trade on the other, so you don't accidentally scratch your phone with your tools.

Available in light-weight & medium-weight denim and Linen & Linen-Cotton Blends

We also have eco-friendly fabric options available Organic Cotton, Pure Organic Linen & Hemp.

The range consists of:

- a wide strap apron, which is structures similar to a dress

- a straight strap apron which is squared off at the bottom and will suit both men and women

-kids sizes in both styles

These aprons are ideal for artisans, home chefs, artists, painters, sculptors, ceramicists, teachers, gardeners and people that want to be comfortable throughout their day!