Perfect for Artists! The 3-in-1 Artist's Friend is finally here

One of my favourite things to do is come up with new products. The products need to tick a few boxes: comfort, practicality, multifunctionality, beauty, vegan-friendly and ethical are my cornerstones when designing.

When I came up with the Artist's Friend, I wanted it to be all of the above.

A while back I asked Catherine from Artsauce (one of my 1st Art shops that started stocking my aprons <3) if there is a product that I could make that they could add to the range. Cathrine showed me a canvas brush roll-up. So with that in mind, I went into my studio and started tinkering. The final product I can proudly say, ticks all the boxes.

There are 10 brush slots that are nice and snug so the brushes won't fall out.

There is a pocket for either your cellphone, keys, wallet, or whatever you need to carry with you.

the waistband is long enough to tie off in the front

The flap that covers the brushes, before rolling up is long enough to cover your biggest brushes. That same flap folds over the waistband to the back when you wear the Artist's Friend.

The funky bright orange tie adds a splash of happy energy when it's rolled up and ready to go.

They are made from quality Japanese denim.

Available in-store at Artsauce, Deckle Edge; and online on my website and