Plastic Free July... its Global :)

#PlasticFreeJulyIts Global...

...this beautiful #PlasticFreeJuly movement that started in Australia and has been making tsunami waves all over social media. It's aim is to place responsibility back into your hands, giving you a voice that can influence the way you live, but ultimately show big corporations that enough is enough. With the power of #PlasticFreeJuly we do not support single use plastic any more. That's the beauty of living in this space in time. Little people can make a big difference. There is no need to by at the mercy of big corporations to get your message out. All you need is a dream, a vision, a purpose and a smart phone, and you are set to go. Be the change. We started with the straw, after that turtle video, a little over a year ago. Water bottles were the next obvious choice, then plastic shopping bags & veggie bags. I don't drink coffee, so the coffee cup is not on my radar, but smoothies and juices are.  If I don't have my cup, its simple - I don't get it, but on the rare occasions that I do, I only use the cup, not the straw or the lid. Its not great, I know even writing it makes me cringe a little. So tha'ts what I will focus on in July. Another biggie for me - pre packaged bags and punnets of fruit and veg. Making the choice purely based on packaging. Its more than getting to the shop of choice and dealing with the challenges. Its about going to the right shops. The shops that give a damn, that have made the right decisions already.  We all know Woolies is not one of those shops as yet...and I love Woolies. I love everything about it, except the plastic addiction they have. So for July my pledge is to choose my shopping wisely. What will you pledge to change for #PlasticFreeJuly?


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