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Glass Straw

The benefits of switching to glass, far outweigh the 'convenience' of plastic straws. Along with the movements worldwide to #refusetheplasticstraw and #plasticsucks to name but a few, you need not search too far to understand the gravity of the situation, and seriously consider looking for alternatives to single use plastic products.

We realise that glass straws are somewhat of a luxury product, that you can do without, however it does have some benefits that you might not know about. Beside the obvious Eco-conscious, reusable, biodegradable properties of glass. Glass is also nonporous, and will not leach dangerous chemical into your system therefore it is safe to use in cold and hot drinks.

Drinking through a straw has added benefits for keeping your teeth free from coffee, tea and wine stains. No more red wine teeth! This is especially critical when you just had dental work done like veneers, whitening, etc.

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