• Gosia Miller

Why a Glass Straw?

A Glass Straw is somewhat of a luxury item. You don't need it, you can certainly live without it, but it does have magical powers... let me explain:

I started Glass Sipper after I saw the turtle video... you know.... The turtle video, the one with the plastic straw embedded in its nostril- the link is also on the website... if you have the stomach for it (don't worry, that particular turtle has a happy ending).

Having twins that were of straw drinking age, 3.5 years old, I just couldn't turn a blind eye. I needed an alternative, but not only that, I needed to spread what I had seen, and change the minds of as many people as I could. So it wasn't enough for me to just buy 2 reusable straws, be on my way and forget about the turtle. 

Glass Sipper is my way of giving back, knowing that whoever has such a gorgeous glass straw, can certainly never ever use a plastic one again.  Just like Cinderella and her Glass Slipper, if the fable was based in present day, she won't have worn plastic shoes ever again.Would she?

Would you? Of course not!

Once you see it, you cannot un-see it. Fast Forward 6 months and there are over 1,000 people that have in their possession a beautiful alternative.I am pretty sure that they wouldn't either! See, I told you, its magic <3


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